Action Learning Projects

Asia School of Business - in collaboration with MIT Sloan School of Management

Action Learning Projects at ASB

As part of our mission to become a global knowledge and learning center infused with regional expertise, insights and perspectives on Asian and emerging market economies, ASB invited companies in the region to host Action Learning Projects for our global MBA students supported by academic and industry advisors.

The global ASB MBA inaugural class successfully completed their first action learning projects that started in September 2016 in collaboration with 9 companies located in Malaysia: Johnson and Johnson,  AirAsia, Boeing AMC, Maybank, TBWA, EasyUni, Fashion Valet, Prudential and GreenTech.

Action Learning is simply the process of learning by doing and doing by learning and true to the MIT motto of Mens and Manus (Minds and Hands) our students, supported by an extraordinary commitment of our Corporate Partners, spent 3 weeks on site employing both their minds by using all the knowledge delivered by the MIT Sloan faculty in the classroom and their hands by working with our host partners to deliver a high value and impact final project.

Action Learning Symposium 

This journey culminated with the Action Learning Symposium where all the host companies attended the students final presentations and poster sessions.

To quote the CEO of GreenTech, “the students surprised us with findings that were promising, unexpected and exciting” while the Prudential team noted that “today’s presentation reaffirms our decision to partner ASB on this AL journey. Although it took a lot of convincing on our part in the initial stage, everyone saw the tremendous value that the AL project provided.”

Action Learning Partners 2017

We are excited to announce the new partnerships for 2017 with companies from Southeast Asia such as the Asian Development Bank (ADB), BJC Group and J&J Vision Care in Thailand, Digi Malaysia, Esquel Vietnam, Maybank Singapore and P&G in Myanmar. We are also grateful to all the numerous companies who committed to hire our global MBA students for summer projects.

Action Learning Host Companies 2016

Fashion Valet 

“Accelerating FashionValet’s Growth – Preparing for Exponential Growth”

Fashion Valet is Asia’s favorite online boutique specializing in local designer/brand fashion for women.

The goal of this project was to identify internal and external causes of FV’s supply issue (stock shortages) and propose sustainable long term solutions.


Three-sided platform for end-to-end tennis services

The objective of this new platform is to find a profitable means to bridge the gap between tennis coaching, booking and socializing. The platform will serve the players’ need to play tennis when they want to, the coaches’ need to utilize all of their coaching time, and the clubs’ need for efficiency to maximize revenue via underutilized coach and court time.

The ASB Action Learning team collaborated with TBWA Capital Markets to drill down on platform features, provide insights based on market research and build the market entry strategy for the project.

AirAsia – Scaling safely 

After AirAsia implemented a new Ramp schedule (4×4 to 4×2) our team was asked to evaluate new Ramp schedule as to how it affects:

–Labor Efficiency


–Culture & Change Management

J&J Baby

Addressing Declining Relevance and Retention of Johnson’s Baby Malaysia

The objective of the ASB AL team was to review current Johnson’s Baby business challenges & identify new gaps/opportunities though Research, Surveys & Interviews (external & internal).

Project StockFlex: Reducing Consignment Loss

Johnson and Johnson’s end-to-end medical device consignment process has an inventory loss. Our team was assigned to build an approval and decision-making process and tool; define end-to-end roles and responsibilities; develop a technology that provides end-to-end monitoring and a workflow system.

GreenTech Charge EV

GreenTech through ChargEV is installing 300 charging stations utilizing funds provided by the government. ChargEV’s next challenge is how to remain sustainable after the funds have been exhausted. The AL team was assigned to create a sustainable business plan for ChargEV to ensure that the deployment of charging stations will not be affected by funds deficiency.

EasyUni – Delivering Student Value

Incorporated in 2008 and based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, EasyUni is Asia’s leading platform for students and parents to search for, compare, and apply to universities and colleges around the world. The company generates revenue via delivering student inquiries and admissions to institutions, as well as advertising packages and consulting services.

The goal for our students was to optimize the value provided by EasyUni to students to increase the lead conversion rate and the successful placement rate. This was done in two ways: by ensuring that the business model is aligned with the desired user behavior, and by enhancing the core service offerings based on student preferences.

ACM Boeing

Aerospace Composites Malaysia Sdn Bhd (ACM) is a composite component manufacturer and part of The Boeing Company’s supply chain based in Kedah, Malaysia.

The AL project concerned ACM’s Partnering for Success (PfS) initiative, which is their business strategy to reduce costs in their own business and across their supply chain.

The ASB AL Team delivered the following two items:

Deliverable 1: A tool which estimates the savings of potential PfS initiatives, to enable strategic selection of projects (PfS Tool).

Deliverable 2: An investigation into the key success factors of PfS and an analysis of ACM’s engagement strategy.


Enhancing Customer Engagement at Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad

The ASB AL team provided a proposed framework for a more engaging customer journey for two high potential customer segments, 1) Stable & Loyal policyholders who have held a Prudential policy for four years or longer (existing customers) and 2) SME owners (potential customers).

Maybank Heart

Towards a Sustainable Maybank HEART Crowdfunding Platform

Maybank Heart is a new crowdsourcing platform provided by Maybank that allows donors to connect with specific NGOs and make a simple donation with 1 click from the Maybank2u platform. The ASB AL team was assigned to create an on boarding process for the new NGO’s, create an assessment matrix for campaigns and create a template for a new campaign with NASAM #BeTheOtherHalf.

If you are interested in hosting an Action Learning project or you would like more information about this educational process, contact Mr. Sarmaji, Director of Action Learning at ASB or Prof. Loredana Padurean, Faculty Director of Action Learning at ASB.