Action Learning: Corporate Learning in Action

Action Learning has emerged as a method of choice for a diverse range of organizations that want to improve organizational behaviour/ culture, develop critical thinking, create mutual respect among employees at all levels, and create new products and services.  In this workshop, we will explore how Action Learning works as a process to solve problems and develop leaders. After initial discussion relating to the fundamentals of the AL process – components, ground rules, and a touch of history, the remainder of the afternoon will be focused on demo and practice, where everyone will work in small groups and experience the process.  In addition, Prof. Loredana Padurean from ASB will give a short introduction on the Action Learning process at ASB. 
If you would like to attend this workshop, simply RSVP by Saturday, March 12, 2016 to with your name, job designation and email. Please feel free to extend this invite to your senior colleagues as well.