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The foundation of an Action Learning-based business school like Asia School of Business is based on collaborations and partnerships with corporations and organizations. We work with both local partners as well as multinationals in the ASEAN region. The aim is to create business value and positive societal impact by leveraging MIT Sloan’s expertise and translating that into the context of Asia. The Asia School of Business gives partners the opportunity to:


  1. Get access to world-class faculty & research
  2. Get access to talented ASB students and MIT Sloan students
  3. Build a Network of industry and academic experts
  4. Position your corporate brand well among other first-class corporate partners

Access to world-class faculty and research

  • Access to world-renowned faculty members through various engagements
  • Benefit from ASB and academic partners thought leadership via research and Executive Education program

Access to talented ASB students and/or MIT Sloan students

  • Access to talented students from ASB for your organizations
  • Priority access to students for selected corporate partners
  • Leverage on the AL projects by ASB or MIT Sloan students to provide new fresh perspective on solving your challenges

Build Network and Tap into Industry- Academia Experts

ASB and MIT Sloan’s faculties have been working with industry leaders, solving their business challenges. Join this network and tap into the connections to open up more possibilities.

Corporate Branding

Promote your brand and enhance your visibility to students and other ASB partners by joining our corporate programs.


Through partnerships, we take on business challenges and turbo-charge the ecosystem with an innovative approach. We invite more companies to join us in this endeavor and become ASB corporate partners. Concretely, ASB provides the following Partnership opportunities:

MBA 3.0 & #ActionLearningASIA

  • Sponsored students or employee
  • Host individual or group Action Learning projects
  • Speak at students events
  • Sponsorstudent-run conference
  • Host national and international study trips
  • Hire talented ASB students!

Executive Education & Industry Exchange

  • Participate in Executive Education program ( open & custom)
  • AttendASB conference and workshop
  • Join the Corporate ASB Forum
  • Exchange inside and perspective with industry experts, world class faculty and promising students

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center

  • Sponsor an ASB 48-hour MakerFest at your local university
  • Sponsor students for the ASB Innovation Bootcamp


  • Collaborate with world class ASB faculty on research to solve yoiur greatest business challenges and inspire industry innovation

MIT’s motto since its founding has been ‘mens et manus’, or ‘mind and hand’. MIT was founded with the then strange notion, in the middle of the 19th century that you could do rigorous intellectual work, of the sort that professors did, on practical problems, of the sort that businesses faced. That notion has continued throughout MIT, throughout MIT’s history…….We will bring that attitude here [to ASB] not just doing hard technical work, but doing hard, serious work on important business problems. This, we hope and expect, will be a key part this new institution.

Richard Schmalansee,
Professor of Management Emeritus and Professor of Economics Emeritus MIT Sloan,
Co-Chair, ASB Board of Governors

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Join us in the elite ASB Founders Club to create your legacy with us.

The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join ASB as a corporate partner in our first year is to become part of the Founding Partners. This membership will position your company to shape the school and the way we wish to create business value and positive societal impact.

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The distinguishing feature of the Asia School of Business will be the use of #ActionLearningASIA. Every class and lecture that we offer will be connected intimately to the projects with companies and institutions in the region to allow the students to get a deep understanding of the application of the theoretical concepts in an applied setting and get a deep understanding of the business and political and economic issues that come to play in the region of Southeast Asia.

Prof. Charles Fine,
President and Dean Asia School of Business

For more info, contact Zalina Jamaluddin, Director of Corporate Development,

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