Leading Enterprise-Wide Transformation

The idyllic cottage set in the woods pictured by Prof. Doug Ready at the beginning of the two-day Leading Enterprise-Wide Transformation program introduced the audience to a plethora of questions. One being how do you renovate this traditional beautiful gem while still preserving the old features? In the context of a company’s talent strategy, how do you honor its heritage but make an organization fit for the future? The summit steered its course with discussions on the hallmarks of a game-changing organization with ideas floating around the conference room. Small groups huddled around flipcharts and concepts such as agility, innovation, strong leadership and sense of purpose, to name a few were concretized and deliberated with their own sets of challenges.

Prof. Ready instituted to the participants how a game-changing company is purpose-driven, performance-oriented and principles-led and that the challenges expressed by the audience are opportunities for the HR managers. Prof. Ready emphasized, “HR can play an incredible role to help senior line managers articulate to the employees better.”

On the aim for the two-day session, Prof. Ready said, “In keeping with ASB and MIT values, the concept of big ideas having managerial and practical impact is what we are after.” The conversations were dynamic, going back-and-forth on how to rethink the approaches in LET that companies should take whether it is the culture, strategy or business model in order to change the proactive state or responding to the disruptive innovation. “We have to understand how our organization can put together its sense of purpose, vision, brand and value.”


Douglas A. Ready is Senior Lecturer in Organizational Effectiveness at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and Founder and CEO of ICEDR (The International Consortium for Executive Development Research). Professor Ready is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on strategic talent management and executive development.

Doug has been named a member of Thinkers50, the premier global ranking of the 50 most influential management thinkers in the world. He is the recipient of the coveted Marion F. Gislason Award, an honor bestowed to only one person annually for excellence in the field of leadership and executive development. Business Horizons also recognized Doug as one of the world’s top “leadership gurus”.

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