Maker to Entrepreneur: 18-Hour Maker Boot Camp

Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Rajesh Nair will be conducting Vietnam’s very first Maker bootcamp from March 11th–13th.

What is it?

This is a 48h weekend program that is designed to expose participants to the fundamentals of Design Thinking and Digital Fabrication.

What do participants do?

During this weekend, participants will

  • learn to ideate solutions in teams,
  • design products and
  • digitally fabricate them.

Why this bootcamp?

The primary goal of this event is to help participants realize that the basics of design, such as solution ideation, 3D mechanical design, microcontroller system design, and programming can be learned in a matter of hours.

While the technical learning is usually what excites participants, the most valuable gain is the change in their self-confidence.