The MIT Faculty Insights Series is a platform for MIT Faculty visiting the Asia School of Business to share their recent research as well as participate in a Q&A session with the attendees. Participants will have the opportunity to tap into faculty expertise, as well as experience interactions on cutting-edge topics, which contribute to the Asia School of Business learning culture.

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Reflection on the Glass Ceiling
Professor Roberto Fernandez

Society of Sloan Fellows
The Promise of Social Well-Being

Professor Roberto Rigobon 

Central Bank Policy Impacts on the Distribution of Future
Interest Rates & 
Behavioral Decision Making
Professor Doug Breeden

Matchmakers: The New Economics of Multi-sided Platforms
Professor Richard Schmalensee

How the Best Companies Manage the Unexpected
Professor Yossi Sheffi

Mergers & Acquisitions
Professor Jake Cohen

Principles of Financial Reporting & Analysis
Professor Jake Cohen

The Role of Financial Innovation and Finance Science
in Financial Stability and Economic Growth
Professor Robert Merton

Managing the Global Enterprise
Professor José Santos

From Organic to Designed Data: Billion Prices Project
Professor Roberto Rigobon

Leadership Tools: The Psychology of Getting Things Done
Professor Roberto Fernandez