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Welcome to Malaysia. Diversity, Vibrancy, Intensity.

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Malaysia offers an eclectic mix of cultures, wonders and attractions. Home to centuries of rich cultural history spanning multiple nationalities and religions, the country is a melting pot of various races. Malaysia is truly a country that epitomises Asia.

Such diversity is also extended to the landscape. Feel the rhythm of vivacious cities and serene countryside. Marvel at centuries-old rainforests and caves, idyllic beaches and colourful reefs. Savour mouth-watering culinary specialties, from spicy to sweet to exotic. Listen to the delights of shoppers over incredible bargains at quaint night markets or world-class malls. Bask in the fragrance of stunning flora and pure, invigorating air. And enjoy the warm hospitality of the friendly and engaging Malaysians.

At the same time, Malaysia combines all of those with the best of Asian economic development. The country has fully embraced the technological age with heavy investment in modern infrastructure. Malaysia boasts two of the world’s tallest skyscrapers and a huge “cyber” centre for computer businesses. Its transport network system is amongst the best in the region. This is a country where the old and the new sit side by side, where ancient traditions blend nicely with the thoroughly modern settings of the urban landscape.

  • Professor Melati Nungsari during the workshop

Photos courtesy of Tourism Malaysia.

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