“The ASB students are an absolute joy to teach. Their intelligence, hard work, and passion for learning are both inspiring and impressive. It is clear that the ASB has created an institution that fosters intellectual engagement for future leaders of the international community.”

Prof. Eric So,


Prof. S.P Kothari,

MIT Sloan Finance Group

“The students excelled in their enthusiasm, communication and class participation skills, and their attitude. The diversity of ethnic and geo-political backgrounds is impressive. … the overall intelligence and leadership potential is among the best I have seen in my 30 years of teaching MBA students in the US and elsewhere in the world. … Overall, I truly enjoyed teaching and getting to know the class.”

“… their discussion of at least two of the cases (Aqualisa Quartz and Cineskates) was better in terms of nuance and appreciation of the subtleties of marketing strategies and consequences of decision making than the discussions I have had with both of our executive program and our EMBAs over the past four years. Given how much I love our EMBAs that is high praise indeed.”

Prof. Catherine Tucker,


Prof. Arnie Barnett,

MIT Sloan OR/Statistics Group

“I enormously enjoyed working with the MBA students, whom I found dignified, warm, sophisticated, worldly, tenacious, and talented. I was delighted that all of them—including several who have limited backgrounds in Mathematics—passed the rigorous exams in Probability and Statistics. I expect that these students will provide first-rate leadership in Malaysia and around the world, and I was greatly honored to teach them.”

“At least five students in the first ASB class would easily earn Baker Scholar recognition if at Harvard. Only the top five per cent of the HBS class is given this recognition. That ASB has five such students in its inaugural class of 47 is quite remarkable.”

Prof. Nabil El-Hage,

Former Senior Associate Dean and Professor of Practice, HBS