Willem Smit

Willem Smit is Professor of Marketing at the Asia School of Business and International Faculty Fellow at MIT. His expertise is on marketing strategy; specifically, on how marketers and entrepreneurs build, grow, and internationalize brands. After earning his PhD from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, he became a research fellow at IMD, where he also designed and delivered executive development programs for multinational companies in the telecom, pharmaceutical and consumer-packaged goods industries. Before joining ASB, Prof Smit has taught at various schools in the Asia-Pacific region: NUS National University of Singapore, SMU Singapore Management University, TongJi University, Hult Shanghai, and MIT affiliate Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation.


In his almost 5 years in Asia, Willem has built a 600+ member community of junior brand managers. For everybody to join, the community runs its own Facebook page, where alumni and current students exchange ideas and insights on topical branding challenges:  https://www.facebook.com/SYTYCB/

For the alumni of the SYTYCB courses only, the community has access to the “Yes We Think We Can Brand” Linkedin Group

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Marketing Strategy, Branding, Entrepreneurial Branding, Effectuation

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Email: willem.smit@asb.edu.my